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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I built 2 trellises today!

Welcome GrafixMuse! Thanks for following my blog! I love the state of Maine!

I kept looking at my indeterminate tomato plants... and thinking that I'd better get my trellises built!

So today... I built 2!

The hardest part was using the pipe cutter.
But I kept at it till the galvanized pipe came apart!

Had to bang 24" rebar into the ground in the front of the bed... luckily the ground was softened up by the recent moisture... cause this Wyoming ground is HARD stuff!


  1. You did a great job. We need to put up a few trellises top- but the rain just wont stop.
    We have to use wood- our ground is all rock and we would never get the Rebar into the ground, Ill keep you posted- we have to get it done this week!

  2. your gardens look beautiful! Tony is still doing his garden, and we're going to help with the up-keep on the weekends. I'm hoping to learn how to can up grape juice and tomato sauce with Shirley at the end of the summer.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Hi Susan! Do hope that you get your trellises built. I had to use rebar in the ground in order to deal with our high gusty winds.

    Kimberlee! Welcome! Give Shirley a hug for me! I love that family... and really miss them. I have such fond memories of touring Tony's garden. Would you take some pictures to share?

  4. Looking great! How those babies of yours grow! And isn't that great about the rain - must be that global warming, eh?


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