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Friday, June 26, 2009

What?? I counted up my tomato plants...

Oh my goodness...
I ordered 40 tomato cages and just used the last of them on my plants... but I was short cages...

So, I walked around my 336 sq' of SFGing wonder... and counted up all my plants...

I have 50 tomato plants!!!

Tomato heaven, here I come!


  1. Wow!!! Ok,you really don't need more tomato plants! LOL! Are they all Romas? Just think of all you can do with all those tomatoes.

  2. Toni~

    Oh my goodness!! You are not going to be short of any tomatoes this season ;P I think I completely failed my tomato plants this year... It's almost July and they're still only a few inches tall. Unless they're going to go through a quick growth spurt, I may not get tomatoes this year :(

    I'll definitely get a heating mat or something for next year's trials :)

  3. Hi there GrafixMuse! I know!!! I'm going to make tomato sauce... lot of it for food storage. And one of my readers suggested drying tomatoes and making a powder out of them to add to breads and such... isn't THAT an awesome idea?

  4. Hey Cynthia... I do hope that your plants sprout up quick! When is your fall frost?

    You know what you can do??? When the weather gets colder you can create a hoop house over your tomato beds!

    That's what I'm going to do to extend my growing season this year!

  5. Let me know how to dry and make the powder when you do it. We're drowinging in toms, although not as many as you'll have, and I'm going to freeze them today.

  6. 50 plants-that is a LOT of tomatoes. You'll be preserving em for months!
    Glad they are doing well though. Mine are a disaster this year with our June 4th freeze.
    Have a great weekend, Toni!


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