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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Onions... need help!

EG, this is one of my little watermelon plants! It's my first time growing melons.So sad... the main stem on one of my Roma plants must have cracked off in a recent storm that included some pretty good wind. We'll see how it goes... I have 30 something more Romas so I'm not too worried...
Help!!! My onion patch doesn't look that good... some of the leaves are turning yellow. This is my first time growing onion sets... is that normal for the leaves to turn yellow? I did notice a flower blossom budding on one of the plants.
Another yummy harvest of lettuce greens. Some of my plants are starting to bolt..
Look at these beautiful radishes! Hubby got these to go with his lunch... and lots of lettuce on his ham sandwich!


  1. The onion with the flower most likely bolted. I've never had any luck with growing onions either. Those radishes look great.

  2. Toni, were your onions planted from sets (little dry bulbs) or plants? I've had the outer leaves turn yellow on plants, shortly after planting them, then the new growth comes on a bit later. You might as well pull the one that is setting seed already.

  3. Ribbit, should I pull the onion plant with the flower?

    Thanks, my radishes seem to be growing really well! I keep tucking them in all thru my boxes! Just planted some white tip ones today... 2 squares.

  4. Hi Granny,
    My onions were planted from sets in mid-may. So, almost 5 weeks ago.

    I wonder if they got too dry.

    OK, I'll pull the one with the forming flower.

  5. I think your onions look great, they have a tenancy to look a little ratty at the best of times. At least that has been my experience. I planted sets as well as seeded onions this year and I have a few that are flowering as well.

  6. Toni - your melon is looking really good. Don't be alarmed if it starts looking kinda rough while young, because mine always look like they're gonna die at the beginning. Your radishes look beautiful, but I don't eat them. Blech!

  7. Hi EG! My melons have looked pretty sad for weeks!

    My hubby loves radishes... I don't really care for them either. So, I keep planting them!

    I'm loving your videos! I may try to do one...

  8. I echo Dan's comment. Onions are not the prettiest of plants sometimes. I would suggest that you make sure the onion plants are not allowed to dry out much between waterings and that you give them a side dressing of fertilizer that has a higher proportion of nitrogen (10-5-5 ratio for example). Onions have shallow root systems and do not do well if you allow them to dryout alot and they also require a good amount of fertilizer to develop the large top growth that later translates into big juicy bulbs.

  9. Everything is looking good despite what you say! :D

    I am loving your radishes. Mine bolted way too quick from the unusual heat we got here :( I'm letting them keep flowering though in hopes to harvest some seeds from them!

  10. Thanks Cynthia! I'm so enjoying watching all my plants grow!


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