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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crazy Wyoming Women utilizes 320 sq' in her SFG

Yes, I am a bit... well... ambitious! I've thrown myself with great excitement and anticipation... and sometimes exhaustion... into creating a Square Foot Garden!

The promise of practically NO weeds spurs me on!!! Weeds just take over here!

And dreams of jars of green beans, peas, corn, and tomato sauce lining my food storage shelves... to be enjoyed after the growing season.
So, on faith... I've built 10 4x4 raised beds... and 5 4x8 raised beds... that's 320 square feet of precious, weed-free garden... and I have a few 2x2 beds that will be used for flowers.

Weed count: 16 (isn't that something???)

PS... 2-4x8 beds still to be filled with Mel's Mix... this week!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Holy Moly....320 sqft? Crap, I only did 136 last year, and the harvest was unbelievable. Of course, it's up to about 210 now.'re gonna have more produce than you know what to do with. Ha! It's fun, though!

  2. Yup... craziness confirmed!

    Much of my space is dedicated to food storage... I'll have to calculate how much!

    Thanks for your comment EG!

  3. I love that you have a weed count! lol

  4. I'm VERY interested in following your blog for the food storage content your working on. I'm in the same position. I live in SE Idaho & I'm zone 4. I started out with the idea of SF gardening but came up against many gumption stoppers so I've adopted some of the ideas & I'm gonna hope for the best. If I did a weed count that's all I would do, count weeds. They're coming up by the millions I think. I'm gonna work on 1 or 2 "true" SF boxes that have the mix in them & see how that goes. Thanks for creating your blog!

  5. Hi Genene!

    We're practically neighbors... well... kinda! I'm in northern Wyoming!

    Welcome to SFG blog! I look forward to sharing my food storage adventure!

    Weeds... they're the main reason that I'm doing SFG! They are so so bad bad bad here!


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