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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rain... Glorious Rain!

Well, we only get on average 6 inches of moisture a year here in the high desert of northern Wyoming...

So... rain... glorious... rain!

It's like everything is turning green right before my eyes!

My plants must be loving this!

Now... if I could just get the rest of my Mel's Mix done... so that I can get the rest of my Romas in the beds!


  1. Only 6" a year? Holy Moly....Hope you have some rain barrels!

  2. Hi EG!
    No rain barrels... Haven't gotten that far yet.

  3. Toni, I don't think we get that much where I live. I don't need a rain barrel, it would be dry 99% of the time! We're lucky that we do have unlimited water for irrigation.

  4. Hi Annie!
    We're very fortunate to have irrigation water here too! It's amazing to watch the greening of the countryside as farmers get access to ditch water and begin farming...


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