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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 of this awesome gentle rain...

Day 2 of this wonderful, gentle rain!

You've got to understand here... this is dry Wyoming... high desert country... where our average rain fall is a mere 6"/year... So.. a celebration is in order!

Kind of reminds me of not so long ago when I was living in Massachusetts... green... lush... and days... weeks... of rain!

It's like I'm able to see my plants grow... right before my eyes!

Look how my onions are coming up!

And my strawberry patch has blossoms all over! I planted this patch about 3 years ago. I believe that we'll have a bumper crop this year... I can just taste the strawberry jam now!

I'm hoping to get out in the rain & mud again today to continue filling my 4x8 boxes!


  1. It's amazing how rain watering spurs growth so much. You can manually water the same amount and it just does not produce the same effect. I am glad you are getting some much needed rain. We are getting a mini heat wave (highly unusual for our area at this time of year!).

  2. Hi kitsapFG! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! I was just up the garden and it is sure looking good!

  3. I love the sound of a happy garden blogger!

  4. Hi Granny! Thank You for your wonderful compliment! Hugs!!!

  5. Toni, things look to be going to well! It's amazing what real rain can do for things. They can double in size seemingly over night.

  6. When I was in Vermont last summer, it rained so much. I've been gone for so long, that much rain seemed so strange to me. One of the days, they were forecasting 5" of rain for the DAY. What a huge mess that would be out here!

  7. Hi Amy! Gosh, we're practically neighbors! LOL!

    Vermont is so pretty... all that green rolling farm land. Love it!

  8. Hi Peg! Thanks for encouraging me to keep a blog about my SFGing adventure!


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