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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out playing in the rain...

I'm on a mission... a gardening mission...

My mission is to get my remaining 4 boxes filled with Mel's Mix this week!!!
So... with that in mind... I was out playing in the light rainfall and filled what will be my carrot box! Yeah!!!

You should see my shoes! All caked with mud!

Those of you who have traversed this journey... know that... it is NO small feat to accomplish this goal...

For local readers of my blog, who may still be filling their boxes or looking for Mel's Mix ingredients...

Try here:
Peat: The Lumber yard on Main St in Lovell has 4cu' bales of peat for under $7!!!!
Vermiculite: The coop in Powell has it for under $27/bag for 4cu'!


  1. I put off filling my new beds for so long so I can related to really wanting to get it done. I was mud from head to toe after filling them in the rain.

  2. Hey Dan!
    I laughed after reading your comment. I'm soaked... but... got my carrots planted finally!!! And about 1/2 a 4x8 box filled with mix.

  3. Good for you, Toni! I always did like to play in the mud, and the rain will help moisten that Mel's Mix for ya.


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