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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another cold night... one more 4x8 box filled...

I'm done filling another 4x8 box with Mel's Mix! Just got it done before darkness set in...

Tomorrow I will plant the rest of my Romas!!! They will be so excited to get out of their cardboard box!

Covered up my precious plants... The next fews days/nights will be on the cooler side. Tonight is supposed to get down to 42 degrees... so I covered up most of my beds.... just to be safe...

I have to take a picture of my garden all covered up from the 2nd floor window... tomorrow! You've got to see how cool it looks!

I put down cardboard in the isles that are missing mulch. The mud was just awful!


  1. You must be pretty close to having them all filled now. Hehe, when my neighbor picks on me for how many beds I added, I should show him how many you have :-)
    It'll be so nice to have all those fresh veggies!

  2. Toni - 42 degrees won't hurt anything in the garden. I don't get concerned unless it drops below 40.

  3. Hi EG! Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear that I don't need to cover unless it drops below 40.

    This is my first year... so I have A LOT to learn!

  4. They look snug as a bug. The past two weeks has been really cool here as well with many nights in the 40's. Now we are going above 68F during the day at least and 51-53F as night lows. I wish it would warm up already! I like your house color, it is a very nice red.

  5. Hi Dan! Sounds like we've been having the same weather!

    Thank you for visiting my house blog! I just love the color!!! It's so warm and inviting... My grandmother had a redwood colored home in eastern Maine when I was growing up... and I always loved the color...

    Dan, your photography is stunning! I had to go back to your post a second time....

  6. WOW! I knew you had a lot of beds, but this brought it all into perspective.

  7. Hope they survived the cold! Your garden is shaping up nicely!!


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