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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Popping Corn is sprouting!

Welcome Sue! Thanks for following my blog!

Pulled a few more radishes last night. My husband loves them!

As I walked around my garden last night... I got to my popping corn box... I almost missed them... there were SPROUTS! Yeah!

I've never grown popping corn... my boys (ages 15 & 11) are excited about it... we all love popcorn!

Looks like we're finally getting into some warmer weather... Can't wait to see my garden grow some more!!!!

EG said that he'll have corn soon... And Granny made this awesome stir fry with her garden veggies... Daphne pulled such yummy looking carrots the other day...

We're so far behind in the growing season here in northern Wyoming... it's fun to see what's coming as I read my gardening friends garden updates!


  1. Im so excited for you. Popping corn sounds like such a fun crop to grow. We have had crappy weather too but today was nice...still cool but no rain ! My lettuce is happy but the other stuff need some sun!

  2. You'll catch up when the rest of us are dying down, don't you worry. I wanted to try popping corn too. I hear you can pop it right off of the cob. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. Toni - believe it or not, I wish my climate was just a tad bit cooler during the summer. Your stuff should come in about the same time I start my fall garden seeds.

  4. Hi Susan! Will let you know how it goes! It grew a lot today! Looks like corn now... instead of little sprouts!

    Ribbit, didn't know that you can pop it on the cobb. Funny... I'm not exactly sure what we do after we pick the ears... I'm thinking that I'll need to dry it. Better read up on that!

    EG, I'm such a novice! I never knew about fall gardens! I'll have to watch and see what you plant!

    Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your comments!

  5. I've never thought of growing popping corn...I'll be curious to see how it turned out for you. And what is it with husbands and radishes?? Guess I should be glad he's eating something good.............

  6. Hi Sue! My son Aaron (age 11) saw popping corn in one of my seed catalogs... he's an upcoming fooddie that kid... anyway... he wanted to give that a try!

    Sue... that's so funny!

    My hubby loves radishes... and scallions. Actually he also likes raw carrots... and loves cucumbers & onion slices in vinegar! I think that he enjoys raw veggies more than prepared ones... which is a good thing.


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