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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm soaked and muddy...

Here I am in my favorite, most comfortable shoes... my Keen sandals... all covered in mud!

Got my 8" deep carrot box filled
with Mel's Mix and with Carrots! Yeah!!! I planted a variety that gets about 5"

Also got about 1/2
of one of my 4x8 boxes filled!!! Making good progress here!

Look... a blossom on one of tomato plants! Whooo hooo!!!!

Waiting... ever so patiently to be "grounded" are my 30 Roma Tomato plants.


  1. 30 tomatoes????? That's a lotta tomatoes. You must have something special in mind for them.

  2. YES Cheryl!!! I plan to can lots of tomato sauce!


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