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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Garden Giggles...

So... it was just the other day... and it was rainy and muddy... and I was working in the garden ('cause those darn boxes have GOT TO get filled... or else...)

When I looked at the time... shoot... got to get pre-teen son into the truck... and carpool the neighborhood kids to Art Camp. By the way... where is pre-teen boy???? Hmmm...

I rush home... muddy pants... muddy shirt... wash my hands quick... change my shirt... tracked down pre-teen boy (found at park)... and we're off to pick up neighborhood kids for Art Camp!

Well gosh.. I drop them off... talk to the teacher... then get in the truck... and just happen... to look at myself in the mirror (sorry... didn't take a pic!)!

Mud... smeared across half of my face! (Are you laughing? Cause I am!!!)

And I was wondering why the kids were so quiet the whole way!!!! LOL!!!


  1. I once sat on a chocolate candy bar that one of my little ones dropped onto the car seat, then went into a fast food joint for some burgers. People kept staring at me and moving away from me. I didn't know why until I got back to the car and my husband was laughing his silly head off.

  2. Oh my goodness Granny... that's hilarious! Love it!

  3. HA! I feel you. I once came home in the evening and my man said, "What's on your face?" I had a cool-aide upper lip.

    I had red colored juice for breakfast.

    I then understood what all of my students had been snickering about all day long.

    Jerks. HA!!

  4. Oh NOOOO Ribbit!!! You've got me laughing!!!


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