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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woke up to Rain this morning... YEAH!!!

We are sooo blessed to have rain during the night! My garden is going to LOVE it!!!

Yesterday, I noticed blossoms and little peppers on my cherry pepper plant. Forgot to take a picture, but this is my lettuce bed!

Lettuce Harvest
Today, we're celebrating my birthday with a dinner at Mom's. I'm going harvest a bunch of this lettuce to share. Should be yummy!

We've especially been enjoying the arugula! So spicey... yummy! Didn't plant enough of it!!! Got more in the works though...

Building beds... Filling beds
I'm done building beds... ran out of stuff to fill my popping corn bed... it needs a bit more... will get more supplies on Monday. I also have a few smaller boxes to fill for flowers and a zucchini plant.

I'm am soo loving walking around my garden... watching everything grow!


  1. Happy birthday and enjoy your celebration. I know you're happy to have the job of building your beds finished. Next comes the "work" of harvesting.

  2. Congratulations, and happy birthday! It does feel really good when the garden contributes to a family meal.

  3. Hurrah for natures irrigation! I love to do "walk abouts" in the garden and just gaze upon the various crops - checking on their progress, pulling a weed or two, etc. and just "hanging" in the garden. It's very relaxing and enjoyable.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I know how you feel when you walk about your garden and enjoy watching everything grow. This is my first year doing so too. Before I was focused on all the weeding that had to be done...Isn't SFGing wonderful?

    Your gardens are looking so good, you should be so proud of yourself.

  5. Happy Birtyday Toni!

    I am so jealous of your lettuce. I don't know why mine is taking so long to grow! Maybe I'm just impatient haha

  6. You sure can come over- I was so busy cooking and serving I forgot to take pictures of the dinner- I did get pictures of the cakes...
    Happy Birthday to you...Hope it was a fun day!
    Hugs Susan


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