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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My first little radish, view of the whole garden

My first little Radish... it's so exciting!

Here it is... my very first itty bitty radish... plucked a little early... just to see...
I've squeezed radishes in all over my garden because my husband LOVES THEM!

So.. I've planted them around the outer edges of my 4x4 filled with corn... and in the squares surrounding my giant pumpkin plant... and wherever there's an empty spot!

Shivery... cold..
It's been cold here during the night... in the 30's & low 40's... so I've covered most of my beds. Looks like a pretty serious operation here...

View of the whole garden

From the 2nd floor window of our new home that we're NOT living in yet...
(more about that here: my house building blog),
I took a picture of the whole garden. Keep in mind that this is new construction... NO landscaping has been done!
10 - 4x4 raised beds
5 - 4x8 raised beds

Eventually, I have have landscape fabric isles covered with cedar mulch...


  1. Congratulations on the first radish of the season. Good work on the new garden beds. They will really look nice with the mulching in the walk ways.

  2. Hi KitsapFG! Thanks for stopping by!

    I so need to get the mulching done... with all the moisture that we've received lately... it's soooo muddy out there!

  3. Congrats on the radish. I planted 'easter egg' radishes this year and have been very pleased with them. Your garden is looking very nice from the second floor and huge too!

  4. Hi Dan! Thank you! Easter Egg Radishes sound very interesting!

  5. How come everybody but me can grow radishes? *pout*

    The gardens are looking terrific, Toni! Good job!

  6. radishes.....blech! I tried one a few months ago, and just about chundered! They sure do mature quickly, though....

  7. Hi Granny!

    My husband suggests to hold off on watering the radishes so that they can put more energy into developing yummy roots.

  8. Hi EG.

    Sorry you don't like them... at least you gave them a try though!

    My husband LOVES radishes! I buy them often at the market... will be so good to harvest bunches of them from the garden!

  9. Toni the radish looks yummy! Cant wait until mine are ready.I love your house- its huge! The color is perfect! You are so energetic and ambitious- you make me want to get moving!
    This is my first year SFG'ing too...I have images of veggies in sealed bags in my freezer...unless of course we eat them all!Happy Gardening!

  10. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.

    I love LOVE LOVE the color of my new house!!! It's such a warm welcoming color.

    Susan, I can see your freezer lined with garden yummies! I look forward to reading about your bountiful harvests! : )

  11. Radishes were the first thing that I ever grew on an allotment. The variety was French Breakfast and we used to dip them in salt and salad cream! Happy memories!

  12. 30 and 40 degree temps in June. Is that crazy or what?

    Congrats on the radishes, and do I envy you all that growing space.


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