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Monday, June 1, 2009

Got to share Cynthia's "Year in Review" movie with you!

I was just over visiting Cynthia's blog.

Grab a soothing beverage... put your feet up for 4 minutes... and enjoy her Year in Review movie! Here's the link: Cynthia's Movie


  1. Oh dear... Thank you Annie for your correction! Can you tell that I've been reading lots of blog posts tonight! LOL! All fixed! Sorry Cynthia!

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  3. Psssst, Toni...that's Carol. Annie is my dog


  4. Gosh... I'm sure messing up Annie's Granny! Well... know that I sure appreciate you... and your blog... and all of your wonderful comments... and wisdom!

  5. Most everyone calls me Annie, not realizing I named my blog after the dog. It's not every dog that gets her own kitchen garden! I could have named it after her brother, but "Otto's Kitchen Garden" just didn't have the right ring to it :-)


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